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The origin of this product is Europe

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Filorga NCTF 135HAis the perfect mesotherapy for individuals requiring more intense revitalization and repair of loose, tired skin, deep wrinkles and redensification of mature or slack skin. There has been 10 years of success in treating over one million patients with this highly effective anti-aging therapy. NCTF 135HA is a concentrated formula, with 200x more active ingredient than NCTF 135. Treatment areas include:

Back of the hands
Inside of the arms
Inside of the legs

Independent testing by a French research center have seen impressive results:

90% anti-radical protection (Cellular Protection)
256% collagen synthesis (Redensification)
366% elastase inhibitor gene expression (Regeneration)

The skin texture of participants also responded dramatically after being treated with NCTF 135HA:

72% wrinkle and fine wrinkle reduction
103% improvement of tonus
132% improvement of hydration
144% improvement of brightness

NCTF 135HA formulated with hyaluronic acid as a top active ingredient. Hyaluronic acid is a major component of skin where it is involved in moisturizing and repairing damage. Age and exposure to UVB rays degrade hyaluronic acid production and have a detrimental effect on its continued production. Scientific research has shown that the main active ingredient in NCTF 1353HA is necessary for collagen production and increased cellular proliferation. The medical community is administering hyaluronic acid at an ever increasing rate to aid in tissue repair and achieve anti-aging results. NCTF 135HA uses highly purified hyaluronic acid which is obtained through bio-fermentation with no animal origins, resulting in perfect biocompatibility.

The unique revitalizing formulation of Filorga’s NCTF 135HA is associated with a number of factors that promote wrinkle repair and anti-aging benefits: fourteen vitamins, including A, B, C and E, stimulate vital cell functioning; twenty-four amino acids promote protein production which leads to increased amounts of elastin and collagen; two anti-oxidants capture free-radicals, leading to greater health and longevity.

Filorga NCTF 135HA is GUARANTEED to be authentic and original from Filorga.

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