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The origin of this product is Europe

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Sculptra is available in a double vial packaging. Consisting of a carefully formulated blend of poly L-Lactic acid and hyaluronic acids, Sculptra presents a guaranteed way to attack signs of aging before they are able to leave permanent damage on the skin. The success rate with the use of Sculptra has shown higher percentages in both single time and routine users all over the country. Although this product originated in Europe in the late 90’s and manufactured by Sanofi Aventis. It has since been used to treat over a million cases successfully in the United States alone. Sculptra is original and authentic from the manufacturer Sanofi Aventis.

Uses of Sculptra

Unlike some of the other cosmetic fillers on the market today, Sculptra must be reconstituted in sterilized water in order to be injected into the skin. It is mainly used to reduce the signs of aging in the facial area but can also be used throughout the body as needed as well. Sculptra actively works to fill in the gaps in the skin as it works to reduce the loss of fat tissues within the body. Sculptra can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin as well.

Side Effects of Sculptra

Sculptra may present certain minor side effects. Please contact your physician to find out more about the possible side effects of Sculptra.

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Sculptra is original and authentic from Sanofi Aventis.

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Sanofi AventisSculptra1 vial 150 mg.2 vial(s)